Blender Goodies

This is a collection of useful Blender functions that I've come across in various tutorials and videos.

  • Alt + O: Use proportional editing on an island of verts, without affecting nearby, unconnected islands.
  • CTRL + Left Click: Perform a quick extrusion from the selected verts towards the current position of the mouse cursor.
  • V: Rip an edge or vert way from connected verts. This is really handy for adding in new detailed geometry.

Great Drupal Module Resources

This post is a list of the handiest articles about Drupal module development I've found on the web. I think they should be considered "required reading" for anyone interested in making great modules. Some of them are just links to APIs regarding useful or insightful functions, others are full tutorials.


Well, I think I finally got the mesh of the lion done, so I went ahead and unwrapped it. I speed painted a texture for the face and mane just to get an idea what I would look like.

Blender Progress

I've been reworking parts of the model. The face has been improved, and the chest is no longer a bunch of cheesy, extruded rectangles. The green lines are edge loops that are defining the musculature. I've been trying to follow the general rule of avoiding triangles and sticking to quads.


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